Mary & Sara ErvinYou know how the storybooks tell the tale. Girl heads out into the world. Struts and struggles. Starts and stops. Girl meets boy. They date and court. They fall in love, get married, have a family... But sometimes things work out a bit differently than what the fates usually have in store.

Our story begins in familiar way. Two girls head out into the world. Strut and struggle. Start and Stop. Girl meets boy. But in our story, girl meets boy’s sister, the girls fall in love with chocolate and start a chocolate business.

This story is centered on a love for food, a love for chocolate and inspiration derived from flavors from around the world. These girls let love turn into an obsession. One class leads to another. One recipe inspires another. They attend Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Chicago and a business is born.

Ethereal Confections was launched in January of 2011 by Mary Ervin and Sara Ervin as a result of a shared passion for working with chocolate, a quest for transcendent flavors and years of perfecting the perfect recipe. How this story ends is yet to be written... but the next chapter begins with the purchase of a box of truffles from our store.